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Kagome dreaded her first day back to school after coming home.  She was always barraged with inquiries about her health by her three friends, Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi.  It used to be a little funny to hear the excuses her Grandpa had made for her long absences from school, but now it would bring up the subject of Inuyasha…her "jealous boyfriend".  Not my jealous boyfriend anymore, she thought.
Steeling her nerves, Kagome walked through the gates of her school's grounds, her eyes roving the crowds of teenager boys and girls for those three familiar faces.
"Kagome!  Hey, Kagome, over here!"
She turned her head to see Eri, standing with Yuka and Ayumi, waving at her near the steps of the school building.  She jogged over to them and plastered a smile on her face.  "Hey guys!"
"Kagome, you're back!" Yuka said, smiling.  "You're finally over scarlet fever?"
"And chickenpox?" Eri put in.
"I thought it was a case of the measles," Ayumi said.
"I'm back to normal now, guys," Kagome told them.  "Not sick anymore, and I'm sure I won't be for a while."
"Hojo-kun has been asking about you practically every day," Eri said pointedly.  "He left baskets of stuff at your house.  I'm sure he'll be glad to know you're well again."
Kagome blushed and rubbed the back of her head.  "He didn't need to do all that."
"Say, Kagome, how's that boyfriend of yours?" Ayumi asked innocently.
"Yeah, you still going out with that two-timer?" Eri demanded.
Kagome felt a knot forming in the pit of her stomach.  The moment of truth.  Forcing a laugh, she said, "Actually, he and I broke up a little while ago.  An old girlfriend of his came back after being gone for a few years, and he realized he still loved her.  So we're not going out together anymore."  There, she'd said it with hardly more than a small waver in her voice.
Her friend's responses were exactly what she'd expected.
"The nerve of him!  He doesn't deserve you Kagome, you're too good for him.  Imagine that, dumping you for an old girlfriend.  She was probably just jealous," Eri said venomously.
Ayumi was more gentle.  She put an arm around Kagome's shoulder and said, "I'm so sorry Kagome."
"Well," said Yuka brightly.  "At least now there's hope for Hojo-kun."
"Guys, I'm really not ready for another relationship right now," Kagome said.  "I'm still really broken up about…my old boyfriend."
"But Hojo's a hundred times better than that jerk," Yuka said.  "You'll be happier with Hojo, I'm certain of it."
Ayumi nudged the other two girls and said softly, "I really think that Kagome doesn't want to talk about it anymore, guys."
Kagome was on the verge of crying again, and she was extremely grateful to Ayumi's sensitivity.  Eri and Yuka took the hint, as they saw the wetness at the corners of their friend's eyes, and began talking about the classes of first period instead.
: : : : :
Sesshomaru was back again--back at the Bone-Eater Well where the Miko had disappeared.  It still made no sense to him what had happened that day; she simply had vanished from existence.
"Lord Sesshomaru, why do we hang about this old well?"
The Taiyoukai didn't even turn when his little human ward addressed him with a question.
"Do not bother Lord Sesshomaru with stupid questions, Rin!" Jaken reprimanded.
"Something happened here that has made me curious," Sesshomaru answered softly.
Jaken spluttered, and immediately shouted at Rin, "Lord Sesshomaru is very generous to answer your question, girl!  Show your gratitude!"
The little goblin suddenly found his face slammed against the ground as Sesshomaru's boot planted itself firmly on the back of his head.  "Silence, Jaken."
"Yes, my Lord," Jaken said, his voice muffled.
"What happened here, Lord Sesshomaru?" asked Rin.  She was very much accustomed now to seeing Sesshomaru punish Jaken for no other reason than raising his voice to her.
"I saw the Miko jump into the well and disappear."
"You mean Kagome-san?  Why would she jump into a well?"
Sesshomaru didn't bother to answer Rin's question, partially because he didn't know himself.
What is it about this well?  And where did the Miko disappear to?
Annnnd…Chapter 4! First day back at school for Kagome.

Can't wait to get to this part: :iconkagkissplz::iconsesskiss2plz:
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